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Gear and clothing list for longer dogsledding tours and expeditions – 8-10 days

We provide you with the following on our husky tours (Free of charge):
• Warm parkas
• Thermo pants
• Warm winter boots for extreme climate
• Hat
• Warm gloves
• Sleeping bag and insulation mat

What you need to bring along yourself for a husky tour, 8-10 days:

• 2 pair of long underwear (long johns and long-sleeved shirt) wool is the best material but polypropylene works fine. Don’t use cotton!

• Fleece or wool pants and shirt.

• A thick wool sweater

• Wool socks 4 pairs
Cotton socks are forbidden! Cotton is the worst material to use next to your skin in cold climate. Buy thick woolen socks. One pair of thinner wool socks is nice to have next to your foot but it should be minimum 60% wool in them.

• Finger gloves that you can use while you harness and taking care of the dogs. Windproof is good.

• A wind proof jacket.

• A scarf or balaclava to protect your face.

• Comfortable clothes for the evenings

• Sandals or light weight shoes to wear in the cabins.

• Goggles and sunglasses

• Headlamp and extra batteries.
Headlamp is important to have while mushing in the dark and by the night camps.

• Camera and extra batteries.

• Sun cream

• Hygiene things: toothbrush etc.

• A nice book.

• A bag or backpack 20 – 40 liters to pack your stuff in.
Soft and light weight, it’s good if it’s waterproof.

Make sure that you don’t overload the dogs with none-essentials.
Except from your personal things you will also carry dog food and other necessary equipment in your dog sled.