Naturens Bšsta

Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Gallery: Explore Sarek 2010

For many years we have made one tour every year straight through Sarek National Park.
This tour is the most demanding of all our tours and many nights are spent in tents.
It's also forbidden for public snowmobiling in Sarek National Park and therefore we often have to go dog sledding without any trails and break trail by our self. The S√°mi people are allowed to use snowmobiles in their work with the reindeers, but we try not to disturb them and try to avoid the areas where they keep the reindeer for the moment.
This is an adventure where you never can tell from the beginning exactly where we will end up!

Check out this winter's departure of the tour Explore Sarek National Park
We have made the tour every year since 2005.
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