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Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Gallery: Canoeing in the Pearl river Nature Reserve, Lapland 2012

The Pärlälvens (the Pearl river) Nature Reserve is an area close to my heart. Old forests, low mountains rising up, the presence of the brown bear, the fishing and the true feeling of wilderness. A place I gladly return to often. In summertime is the paddle and the fishing rod my given companions.

In 2012, I had the privilege of guiding a group through this area during a few days. We paddled, fished, cooked our food over open fire, hiked, photographed, were game watching and lived life in the wilderness. Just as life should be up here in Lapland. Here I would like to share some pictures with you from that tour. Pictures from the land we call 'east of the mountains and west from the forest'.

We run regularly tours in this area. In wintertime the dog sledding adventure "Crossing Lapland with dog sled" that runs through this area, and in summertime the canoe tour "Canoeing in the Pearl river Nature Reserve".

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