Naturens Bšsta

Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

In the heart of Lapland…

In Jokkmokks forests and mountains you find the National Parks Sarek, Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus. Together they make Laponia, a 9400 square kilometer big area. The rich nature and culture in this area and the still existing Sámi culture were the reasons that Laponia in 1996 got the inscription as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Laponia Värdsarvsområde, Svenska Lappland. Foto: Anders Ekholm

Come to Laponia and follow us on one of our tours with dog sled, kayak, canoe, snowshoes or on a hiking tour. In all our arrangements we try to mediate our knowledge and feelings for the area. We work by the main philosophies of the ecotourism and several of our products are labeled Nature’s Best.

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Matti Holmgren & Stina Svensson