Naturens Bsta

Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Jokkmokkguiderna on Youtube and other interesting clips

German DW Deutsche Welle about Swedish Ecotourism.

In November 2013 Stina was out on an Overnight tour with dog sled together with Hilde and Simon from Belgium. Matti and the DW reporter joined on day two for filming and interviews.

Playing with 42 huskies in the play ground at Working Husky Kennel

With dog sled to the Gate to Sarek National Park 2013

Follow on the adventure to the gate of Sarek National Park 2013.

Explore Sarek 2013

Elsa och Rasmus from Denmark were two of the guests that followed on our expedition through Sarek National Park 2013. They have made a very nice movie about our adventure and we have got the pleasure to share it with you all.

Crossing Lapland with dog sled 2009

Crossing Lapland with dog sled is the name of one of our tours. Here is a short movie from that tour in 2009.

Photo expedition in Tarravalley

Dog sledding in Tarravalley west from Kvikkjokk. You find pictures from this tour in our gallery taken by the photographer Hillebrandt Fotosafari i Tarradalen 2009.

Stina training a youngster team

A short clip from a training run with a dog team of youngsters. Amazing quality for being filmed with a mobile phone.

Jokkmokkguiderna in Volvo XC commercial

Stina and 8 of our huskies were filmed winter 2011 for a commercial for Volvo Cross Country Travels.