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Arkiv för etiketten "autumn"

Autum is here!

The hot summer is over, and the fresh autumn air fills our lungs. The colors of nature have begun to change over in the autumn’s rich color range, and the northern lights are back and flickers over the sky during clear nights.

Now in the autumn we train the huskies so that they are in good shape for all winter adventures and we are also working on a brand-new website that we hope to launch in the near future.
Meanwhile, you will have to keep up with this site, but all our dog sledding adventures for the coming winter season is up to date and are open for booking.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of questions about our tours!

Stina & Matti


Wildlife expedition in Sarek in September

In the end of September, we head in to the valley of Rapadalen in Sarek National Park. Join this 7-days Wildlife Expedition in search of Bears, Lynx, Wolverines and last but not least the largest Moose bulls in Scandinavia, 18-24 September.

Some of the highlights:

● Helicopter drop into Europe´s most remote wilderness
â—Ź Hike through dramatic landscapes in Sarek National Park in Lapland
â—Ź Spend four nights in tent in complete wilderness + two nights at guesthouse
● Encounter some of Europe´s largest Moose and other wildlife
â—Ź Chance to see northern lights

There are a few spots left on the tour and you’re welcome to join!
Contact us for booking or if you have any questions.


Autumn is here and winter is coming closer

Training the sled dogs for dogsled season
The tourist season for the summer is over and we spend most of our time with training the dogs for the approaching winter. The huskies are in good shape and is as happy and excited before every training run.
If you are curious about how we train our sled dogs take a look at the page about OUR HUSKIES.

  • The Aurora Borealis have given us spectacular light shows many evenings and nights already since August and it seems like we are going to get another good winter season with great chances to get to see the northern lights dance across the sky.
    If you like to learn about what the Aurora Borealis is you can check out the page about this light phenomena where you will find lots of facts and more beautiful photos.
    Click here to reach the page NORTHERN LIGHTS / AURORA BOREALIS.

    /Stina & Matti

  • Autumn training of our huskies are in full swing

  • Autumn training of our Siberian huskies are in full swing since the beginning of August. The dogs are harnessed in front of quads which they pull. The sleddogs happiness to start working again after the summer break can not be mistaken. They are as eager and enthusiastic as we are.

    As the temperature drops, we increase the distances on the training tours. Very soon we can feel how the strength of the dog team increases, and the dogs’ stamina gets better with each passing week.

    Are you keen to join us and our huskies on one of the dog sledding tour this winter, please send us an email. Sometimes the answer is delayed a bit but then you’ll know that it’s because we’re out there and training our four-legged friends.

    Stina & Matti

  • Northern lights over Jokkmokk

  • The auroral activity is intensive at the moment. Many evenings and nights the Aurora Borealis is dancing over the sky here in Jokkmokk and it seems like we are going to have another dog sledding season with lots of Northern Lights.

    It’s getting darker earlier and earlier and many training runs with our huskies are run at dusk or after sunset in the dark and we therefore get lots of opportunities to see the green flames of Aurora draping the sky.

    If you are interested to learn more about Northern Lights and see more photos of the phenomena please check out our Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis facts.

  • Autumn life at the sled dog kennel

  • The autumn is here and the temperature dips. After the summer’s midnight sun has brighten up the nights it’s once again dark at night. Nature’s colors shift from the healthy green shades to vibrant yellow, orange and red.
    The other night we saw our first Northern lights / Aurora Borealis for this season.
    Winter is approaching!

    The fall training with our huskies started in beginning of August.
    The training consists not only of training their physical fitness but also dressage and obedience, the communication with us and socializing in the pack.

    It seems like not only we and the dogs are longing for the snow and the cold!
    Requests and bookings for our dogsledding tours this coming winter drops in.
    The latest addition to our longer dog sledding adventures and expeditions is the tour
    Husky adventure to the Norwegian border.
    On this tour we travel high up in the mountains north from the arctic circle. We will go into areas outside the National parks where very few tourists go. An arctic experience combining comfortable accommodation in huts and winter camping in tents.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the tours, our dogs or us.

    Stina & Matti

  • New dog sledding photos in the gallery

    The rain is pouring down in Jokkmokk and we are longing for the white clear winter days.
    The huskies has been in training already since the beginning of August and are just as happily excited and eager each new training run regardless of the weather.
    We sit wet and muddy on the quads and dream away to the days back on the dog sled out on the white wide open spaces in the mountains.
    So, between the training runs we dry up inside with a cup of tea in front of the computer and flip through our winter images.
    Of course we like to share!
    Here is a new gallery, this time from the tour Explore Sarek National Park in march 2010.

    Do you like to see more pictures? Take a look in our photo gallery.

    You can also see video clips from some of our dog sledding tours in our video gallery.

    / Stina & Matti


    Hiking along the northern King’s Trail

    This week I have guided a group hiking along the northern Kings Trail, Kungsleden.
    Sometimes we are hired as guides by the Swedish Tourist Association for their groups.
    We started in Abisko and walked south along the Kings Trail down to Nikkaluokta. Pretty nice weather, beautiful fall colors, a nice group of 10 participants and lots of mountains!

    In the late 1800s came the first ideas about creating a hiking trail in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. This route should pass the most beautiful places and therefore become the “Kings of trails” – the Kings Trail (Kungsleden in Swedish)!

    To hike this part of the King’s Trail in mid-September means no crowding. And that I once again got nice guest with me didn’t make things worse!


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  • Flaming autumn in Swedish Lapland

    Another great hiking week has passed. With Saltoluokta Mountain Station as my employer and starting point me and a group from Finland made a hiking tour south along the Kings trail.
    The autumn colors are here and the mountains starts to blaze in orange, red and yellow. The mosquitoes are gone and the morning mists starts to come. The air is clear and fresh and full of oxygen. For each breath it feels like you get healed from inside.
    The group came from Ă–sterbotten which is from the Swedish speaking part of Finland.
    I’m so thankful for the insight I get in other peoples lives. This week it was Finnish people and other times it’s Americans, Egypt’s, Italians etc.
    I got some prejudiced confirmed about the Swedish speaking Finnish people! They are hardworking, reliable and they have a honest and fine pride for their origin and their history in the Finnish winter war.
    What I didn’t know was that they have a great sense of humor.
    Now I know! And I thank our neighbors in the east for a nice couple of days.

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