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Clothing tips – layer on layer

In cold it’s best to dress in several layers.
Most people manage with the clothes they have at home if they dig around in the wardrobe. But if you don’t have two-piece underwear with long legs and long sleeves in wool or polyester it’s a very good investment for your Lapland adventure.
The most important to remember is to not use cotton closest to your skin or on your feet.

This is our clothing tips for a short dog sled tour:

Layer 1: Closest to your skin except from your underwear
Two-piece underwear with long legs and long sleeves. The best material is wool but is quite expensive. Underwear in polyester works fine but absorbs sweat odours faster then wool.

Layer 2: Isolation layer in fleece and/or wool
Long sleeved sweater and a pair of pants in fleece or wool. You can find good and cheap micro fleece sets that work great.

Layer 3: Shall protect from wind
A jacket in a material that is both windproof and breathable. It doesn’t have to be a fancy jacket in “high-tech” materials.

Layer 4: The final layer (included in our dog sled tours)
Thermo or down parkas and pants or an overall. Choose a big size so you fit all the other clothes underneath. It’s important that the top has a hood and It’s good if it’s generous so it can protect your face from wind and snow.

Socks: Woolen socks, at least 2 pair.
Don’t use cotton socks! Cotton is the worst material you can wear next to your skin. Buy thick woolen socks. If you would like to wear a thinner sock next to your foot, look for socks with minimum 80 % wool. When you buy socks check carefully how many per cent of wool they actually are made off and don’t get fooled by their names.

Winter boots: (included in our dog sled tours)
It’s important with real warm winter boots. In real cold the feet are the most difficult to keep warm. The boots shall have a thick insulation. Buy boots two size bigger then you normally wear so that you can wiggle your toes even if you wear several pair of socks.

Hat: (included in our dog sled tours)
Windproof hat that cover your ears.

Mittens: (included in our dog sled tours)
Insolated and windproof mittens. It’s good to have a extra glove inside (not in cotton).

Scarf or balaclava: (scarf is included in our dog sled tours)
Is used to protect your face against wind and the cold. Don’t use cotton.