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Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Booking conditions

Regarding payment:
We request you to pay a deposit of 20 % of the price. (You will get an invoice by email)
You will not get back the deposit if you cancel the tour.
The remaining 80 % should be paid by bank transfer latest 14 days before your arrival. (You will get an invoice)
We do not accept card payments. Payments must be done via bank transfer or cash.

Cancellation must be made as soon as there is a reason not to conduct the tour.
● Cancellations between the time of booking and 61 days before arrival will be charged the booking deposit which is 20% of the booking’s total amount.
● Cancellations between 60 days and 31 days before arrival will be charged 50% of the booking’s total amount.
● Cancellations between 30 days and 15 days before arrival will be charged 75% of the booking’s total amount.
● Cancellations within 14 days of arrival will be charged 100% of the booking’s total amount.
If we Jokkmokkguiderna must cancel for any reason you will get back the total amount you’d paid us including the deposit.
It is your own responsibility to ensure you have a cancellation insurance. Check this up with your insurance company.

Cancellation due to illness/unforeseen events
Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to cancel your visit to Jokkmokkguiderna with a refund up to 80% of the total amount. With unforeseen circumstances, we refer to;
● Illness or a severe accident that affected you.
● Bereavement or a severe accident regarding your husband/wife, common-law spouse, your parents, children or siblings.
● Unforeseen and serious event outside your control, such as an extensive fire or flood in your residence which means that it is not reasonable to demand that you fulfill your contract.
You must be able to verify the reason that prevents you from carrying out your journey with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company. A medical certificate must contain a diagnosis, the date of your first visit and the reason of why you are prevented from traveling. The certificate must be issued before the arrival date.
For you to get your refund, the cause of cancellation must be unforeseen, unexpected and of a nature that prevents you from carrying out your journey. This means that if you for instance do not have the necessary travel documents for the journey, it will not be regarded as a legitimate reason for canceling.

Force majeure
Force majeure means unusual, unpredictable and unavoidable events that are outside of the organizers control, and that prevents the contract to be fulfilled. Circumstances that the organizer could not, withing reasonable means, have foreseen and therefore could not have avoided or overcome. Including, but not restricted to, war, threat of war, riot, civilian insubordination or strike, authority measure, act of terrorism, nature- or industrial catastrophe, fire, severe weather conditions, flood, closed air ports, technical issues, maintenance issues or unforeseen changes made by airlines, such as time table changes, interruption in IT-infrastructure (including but not restricted to our web site). During these conditions the organizer is free from liability or other consequences.

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