Naturens Bästa

Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Wilderness First Responder 2010

During two very intense weeks Volker and me (Matti) from Jokkmokk has been on a course by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS. The host of the Wilderness First Responder course in Sweden is Crossing Latitudes. This is the next step after “the Wilderness First Aid course that both Stina and me made in Jokkmokk in June 2010”.
ABCDE, Focused Spine Assessment, arm and bone fractures, hypothermia, diseases, gastrointestinal problems and much much more were on the schedule. Theory was mixed with scenarios where we took turns in acting as wounded and helpers.
Volker and me, together with 15 other students are now certified Wilderness First Responders!
Now I feel confident in how I shall handle possible diseases and accidents.
But even if I have this good knowledge we will continue to work by the best model ever:
Prevent any accidents and injuries.
So for the upcoming winter season we can now welcome you as a guest to an even safer dog sledge adventure!

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