Naturens Bästa

Vinnare av Grand Travel Awards Ekoturismpris 2008

Dogsledding in wolverine land

With 23 Siberians on the trailer, we turn the car towards Kvikkjokk. Camilla from Sweden, Michaele and Marika from Italy follow me during this tour. From Kvikkjokk we had a great 6 day long dogsledding adventure trip towards west and the boarder to Norway. Over the tree line we had -20?C and around 10m/s. The combination of wind and low temperature is sometimes a serious problem.
During some of the days we also had company of Åsa and Henrik who works as freelance journalists. They travel by snowmobile and took some pictures. We spend the night in the same cabins and practice story telling… both true stories and good stories…
This was the first of the week tours this winter. I love the life out there and I already know that this winter will be too short. I’m looking forward to all the other tours that I still have in front of me! I will update our Facebook site from my handy. You are welcome to be fan to Jokkmokkguiderna and then you will have shorter rapports from the life out there.


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